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High Voltage Maintenance and Commissioning

High Voltage Maintenance and commissioning is at the core of Prime Engineering business.

Regular High Voltage Maintenance is a crucial requirement for customer owned equipment. Our maintenance services will aid in improving your electrical system reliability, indicate potential issues and recommend cost effective solutions.

We offer clients professional testing services complete with professional engineer reviewed reports and test sheets.

Prime Engineering can provide complete substation commissioning services for all devices from high voltage down to the communication and process level. We provide testing services for breakers, transformers, disconnect switches, instrument transformers (CT, VT, CTVT, CCVT etc), Cables, relaying, infrared (thermography) and more.

Details of the testing we can perform include:

  1. Circuit Breakers: insulation resistance, contact resistance, timing tests, dielectric withstand tests, power factor testing, coil pickup testing, SF6 gas filling and testing, and auxiliary device operation.
  2. Power Transformers: Winding ratio, insulation resistance, winding resistance, excitation, power factor, tap changer, auxiliary device operation including gauges and pressure relief and oil analysis.
  3. Instrument Transformers: ratio, insulation resistance, power factor, saturation and excitation.
  4. Relaying: Complete functional and logic testing with the ability to establish automated test plans and complex communication assisted schemes (POTT, DCB, current differential etc)

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